Hi-resolution and -voltage, 14-bit oscilloscope in PXI format

November 10, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
National Instruments (NI) has announced a high-speed, high-resolution, high-voltage oscilloscope in the PXI card format, that offers 100 Vpp maximum input range at 1 Gsample/sec and 14 bits.

The PXIe-5164 is built on the open, modular PXI architecture, and includes a user-programmable FPGA to help aerospace/defence, semiconductor and research/physics applications that require high-voltage measurements and high levels of amplitude accuracy.


Vice president of R&D at NI Steve Warntjes, comments, "The PXIe-5164 oscilloscope can make some measurements that box instruments today just can't handle. If you want to measure a high-voltage signal of up to 100 Vpp at up to 1 Gsample/sec, you can now use the same instrument to see small signal details that would normally be hidden by the noise of the instrument thanks to the 14-bit ADC."


The PXIe-5164 features:

- Two 14-bit channels sampled at 1 Gsample/sec with 400 MHz bandwidth

- Two Category II-rated channels with voltage input range to 100 Vpp with programmable offsets allowing measurements up to ± 250V

- Up to 34 channels to build parallel, high-channel-count systems (that is, with multiple scope modules) in a compact form factor in a single PXI chassis

- A 3.2 GB/sec streaming data rate enabled by 8 lanes of PCI Express Gen 2 bus communication

- A Xilinx Kintex-7 410 FPGA to create custom IP, including filtering or triggering, programmed through LabVIEW


PXI oscilloscopes, NI adds, deliver the ease of use expected from a box oscilloscope. Engineers can use the interactive soft front panels in NI-SCOPE software to make basic measurements, debug automated applications or view the scope data while the test program runs. The driver includes help files, documentation and ready-to-run example programs to assist in test code development, and includes a programming interface that works with a variety of development environments such as C, Microsoft .NET and LabVIEW system design software. Engineers can also use PXI oscilloscopes with TestStand test management software, which simplifies the creation and deployment of test systems in the lab or on the production floor.


NI offers a white paper www.ni.com/white-paper/53379/en to explore ways