Hardware acceleration speeds encryption on NXP Kinetis

December 12, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Embedded system specialist Segger (Hilden, Germany) has hardware acceleration support for its emCrypt library of cryptographic algorithms, the basis of its cryptographic software products such as emSSH and emSSL, as well as security focused products such as emSecure.

In its pure software version Segger claims the code is already the is the fastest available, achieving a performance of 2.17 MBytes/sec AES-128 encryption on a 168 MHz NXP Kinetis K66 MCU. Written entirely in C, it is compatible with any 16-, 32- or 64-bit CPU and can be used in microcontroller-based applications, as well as tablets or PCs.


The latest version now also supports hardware acceleration. On the same MCU, the hardware supported algorithm nearly quadruples the performance to 8.20 Mbytes/sec. Segger comments that, “NXP’s Kinetis series of MCUs is highly optimized for implementing security. The Kinetis Crypto Acceleration Unit (CAU) significantly improves the performance, resulting in higher communication speeds, lower CPU utilization and a reduction in power consumption. Our already efficient algorithms used for TLS and SSH gain even more by using the CAU.”


Segger; www.segger.com/emssl-crypto-library.html


(Further links; emSSH; www.segger.com/emssh.html / emSSL; www.segger.com/emssl.html /

emSecure; www.segger.com/emlib-emsecure.html)