Hand-held battery system analyser/data logger

June 08, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The WENS 900 Series analyser and data logger is primarily intended for UPS battery field management. The unit provides a single, quick, test to show the health of the battery at variable loading conditionings for impedance, voltage, temperature and current measurements (simultaneously or independently) together with a software package.

The instrument can be used in the field management of almost any battery, including UPS back up batteries in telecom industrial systems, renewable energy power plants (solar, water, wind), marine, aerospace, military, automotive and the like. Providing data logging and accurate trend analysis the unit has an internal SD Card back-up to store up to 100,000 data points. Data is available in both text and graphic mode.

The battery quality analyser is designed for measuring the internal resistance, open-circuit voltage and terminal temperature of secondary batteries, including Lead Storage Cells (Lead -Acid batteries), nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. It uses an AC four-terminal method to measure the internal resistance by eliminating lead resistance and contact resistance to get the accurate results which are simultaneously displayed along with voltage and temperature. There are 99 sets of composite comparator functions, which can be set at resistance and voltage values to get reliable detection of battery deterioration. Integral with the unit are pin type leads, supplied as standard; 4-terminal measurement is possible and there is a clip type lead with temperature sensor and a clamp adaptor for DC current measurements. There is a dual display to show the internal resistance and voltage of the battery simultaneously.

Impedance measurement is within the range of 4 mΩ to 4Ω (in four ranges)/1 µΩ resolution (±0.8% of reading to ±10 digits). Voltage measurement with differential input ranges is 4V, 40V and 400V (three ranges) (±0.5% reading to ±5 digits). Current measurement (CT) ranges from 0.5A to 400A (±1% reading to ±5 digits). DC Current (Direct) has a range of 400 mA to 4A (±0.5% reading to ±5 digits). The temperature range is -10°C ~ 100°C (±1°C or ±1°F). The unit measures 107 x 220 x 55mm.

Aspen Electronics; www.aspen-electronics.com