Full-resolution touch and re-focus applications for camera phones

February 18, 2013 // By Julien Happich
A manufacturer of high-speed and ultr- low power autofocus actuated lenses, poLight has developed a new type of applications for its TLens (tunable lens) actuator, that enables users to refocus a picture once it has been taken.

TLens boosts smart phone camera performance thanks to a response time 20x faster than traditional VCM technologies, while consuming 40x less power consumption to prevent the sensor from heating and to extend battery life in continuous autofocus mode. Those performance discontinuities enable new mobile applications such as video continuous autofocus, instant focus or all-in-focus.

The new Touch & re-Focus software enables users to refocus a picture once it has been taken. By simply touching the area where to focus on the smart phone screen, the new generated picture can then be saved at full sensor resolution while image files are sent to the cloud to generate other focusing scenarios at a later time. Alternatively, the photographer may decide to get there image “all-in-focus” by using a simple slider from the application screen. Hence close-up and far away objects on the scene are all in focus.

With a TLens-based camera, users will be able to shoot their pictures without the risk of missing a focus, claims the company. The “Touch & re-Focus” feature then lets them adapt later the focus of their full-resolution picture directly on their phone or on their PC.

Visit poLight at www.polight.com