Expanded distribution across Europe for Seiko Instruments IC range

August 14, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Seiko Instruments is collaborating with distributor Digi-Key to expand the availability of its product line to a greater number of European customers.

Digi-Key will offer Seiko Instruments components within product lines such as:

Voltage Detectors

Linear Voltage Regulators (LDOs)

Boost and Buck Switching Regulators

Lithium Ion Battery Protection ICs (LIBP)

Temperature and Magnetism Sensors


Operational Amplifiers and Comparators

Real-Time Clocks (RTC)

32 kHz Quartz Crystals in tubular, SMD moulded and ceramic packages

Small-size capacitors with high capacitance

Large-Capacity Micro Batteries

Automotive LDO with watchdog

Seiko recently announced its S-19500/19501 series LDO voltage regulator (diagram, above) with an easily-controlled watchdog timer and reset function that simplifies implementation. The new regulators are optimised for use in constant-voltage power supply for automotive electric components and microcontroller monitoring.

The S-19500/19501 integrating the LDO regulator, reset IC, and watchdog timer into one chip, and also simplifies the software interface making the watchdog timer control easier. Load current from the internal LDO regulator automatically turns on/off the watchdog timer, preventing unnecessary monitoring during the microcontroller's sleep mode. In addition, a WEN pin can forcibly turn on/off the watchdog timer until the system is stabilised during the microcontroller startup or during software update, without using external circuits.

SII’s laser-trimming technology has achieved output voltage accuracy of ±2.0% and detection voltage accuracy of ±100 mV over temperature. Also, a single capacitor is needed for adjusting both the reset release delay time and the watchdog timer monitoring time. The reduced number of pins has made a small 8-pin HSOP-8A package (5.02 × 6.0 × 1.68 mm) possible. Users can select the S-19501 series that has a reset output pin separate from the watchdog output pin. The output voltage is selectable from 3.0 V to 5.3 V in 0.1 V steps. The operating temperature range is -40 to +125C and the maximum rating is 45V. AEC-Q100 (Automotive Electronics Council reliability stress test) and PPAP (Automotive Production Parts Approval Process) qualification are currently in process.

Digi-Key; www.digikey.eu

Seiko Instruments GmbH; www.seiko-instruments.de