e-paper displays development/extension kit links to TI dev boards

August 17, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Pervasive Displays (PDi) (Tainan City, Taiwan) has released a second-generation extension kit to support the evaluation and development of its e-paper displays (EPDs).

With its PDi Apps utility, the EPD Extension Kit Gen 2 (EXT2) allows equipment designers to explore EPD technology to understand how it works and explore features like global updates and fast partial updates. Available from Digi-Key, the kit can also be used as a bridge to replace an existing display while developing a new application, easing the design task and speeding time to market. The EPD driving interface and open-source driving code provided by the EXT2 kit expedites the design of EPDs while the board provides FPC connector types that support the majority of PDi’s e-paper displays. The board also features a socket that allows it to be directly stacked on various Texas Instruments (TI) LaunchPad development kits (including soon Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled versions) through the standardized BoosterPack plug-in module.  Designers can also use the on-board headers of EXT2 to bridge with a current product design or any other development kit. Additionally, the EXT2 provides on-board driver circuits to support applications with EPDs that use external or internal timing controllers (eTC or iTC) and builds with different material films.

The company adds that it aims to kick-start the development of e-paper display applications, by including open source driver code and design files, plus technical support with a custom troubleshooting and design-in service for developers to add e-paper to their design, across various end equipment categories, from IoT, reusable transit items, HMI, identification, badges, home and industrial/factory automation.

Visit Digi-Key at www.digikey.com, product link is here 

Visit Pervasive Displays at www.pervasivedisplays.com