Dual-function material conducts heat, absorbs EMI

April 01, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
This hybrid materials product provides EMI mitigation while moving heat away from sensitive electronics; Laird has introduced the dual-function, board level material that simultaneously improves signal integrity and temperature stability of electronic circuits.

CoolZorb 400 imparts thermal conductivity and EMI attenuation in the microwave frequency range with best performance at or above 5GHz. It also meets requirements of the UL94 V0 flammability standards. The material provides designers with much flexibility by improving signal integrity and temperature stability in a single solution that can increase the speed of the design cycle, simplify manufacturing processes and create material cost savings.

CoolZorb 400 is a hybrid material that functions as both an absorber of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and a conductor of thermal energy. The product is used like traditional thermal interface material where it is placed between the heat source, such as an IC, and heat sink or other heat transfer device or metal chassis. The silicone-based material can simultaneously protect electronics from both EMI and heat.

The product is available in sheet stock (12” by 12” size) and as cut parts to customer specifications. Standard sheet thicknesses are .020”, .040”, and .100” but other thicknesses can be made to order.

Laird; www.lairdtech.com/products/coolzorb