Design Win; CSEM licenses IcyTRX Bluetooth LE IP for advanced hearing aids

October 12, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
CSEM, the Swiss research and technology organization, has licensed its IcyTRX silicon RF IP to Danish hearing aid manufacturer Oticon. Oticon has integrated IcyTRX into its chipset for the new Oticon Opn range of advanced wireless-enabled hearing aids, allowing direct connection and streaming audio between Bluetooth-enabled devices.

CSEM presents IcyTRX as the most advanced RF IP available, compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), IEEE802.15.4 and proprietary RF protocols. Building on CSEM’s ultra-low-power design experience, it consumes less than 5 mW and runs directly from a hearing aid battery on low voltages. It claims best-in-class receive sensitivity of -97 dBm and is highly integrated allowing tiny form factors.


The Opn hearing aid was announced earlier in 2016. IcyTRX has played an important role in enabling a longer battery life in Opn than that achievable with standard BLE transceivers, as well as immunity to external wireless interference.


IcyTRX, CSEM adds, is being used in a wide range of connectivity applications from wearables to IoT, and will be presented at electronica Munich trade fair in November.