Design & simulation software speeds realisation of RF circuits

January 27, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
The latest release of Keysight Technology’s RF simulation and synthesis software, Genesys 2015, features Keysight Sys-Parameters that enables RF system simulation with off-the-shelf component datasheets; and comprehensive RF circuit synthesis to enable the fastest realisation of RF systems and circuits.

Keysight Sys-Parameters define RF system component parameters such as amplifier P1dB, IP3, gain and noise-figure over frequency, temperature and bias in a convenient spreadsheet format that designers can use directly in RF system simulation. This eliminates the tedious creation of non-standard data files or writing of custom programs to interpolate the data; addressing a long unfulfilled need of the RF industry to use component datasheet specifications in fast design simulations instead of wasteful prototyping iterations.

Genesys 2015 accepts multi-dimensional Sys-Parameter data in a regular spreadsheet format that a user creates from RF component datasheets. The software also provides Sys-Parameter libraries from Mini-Circuits and Analog Devices. Easy access to Sys-Parameters during design enables designers to accurately evaluate and select available RF system components before hardware implementation, thereby eliminating wasteful iterations.

“Keysight worked closely with leading RF system component vendors and designers during the development of Genesys 2015 software,” said How-Siang Yap, Genesys product planning manager with Keysight EEsof EDA. “As a result, industry now has a common RF design platform to help designers quickly and accurately sample and evaluate parts in an RF system before purchasing them.”

Genesys 2015 includes tutorial videos for its comprehensive suite of automatic RF circuit synthesis capabilities. The tutorials are designed to teach users how to quickly design and realise circuits such as filters, matching networks, oscillators, mixers, couplers and transmission lines.

Genesys 2015 also features a Matlab script debugger, multi-dimensional interpolator and interactive 3D graphing. These features expand Genesys programing, data processing and plotting capabilities to give the user complete control over the use of measured and simulated data. Genesys 2015 expands on its X-parameter vendor model library offering with reference-plane calibrated drop-in modules from X-Microwaves that guarantee the accuracy of simulation with final hardware implementation. Additional upgrades to Genesys 2015 include a new Momentum planar electromagnetic simulator and 3D layout viewer with interactive open/short detection.

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