Data fusion framework enables robust and floor-accurate indoor navigation

July 24, 2013 // By Julien Happich
In cooperation with the SNCF and SK Planet, Movea has demonstrated a robust and accurate pedestrian navigation solution that works across all indoor-levels, including cues for stairways and escalators.

By developing accurate dead reckoning techniques that compensate for magnetic perturbations and gyroscopic drift regardless of location or the position of the device, Movea has created a comprehensive data fusion framework and a robust indoor navigation package. The company's indoor navigation models and data fusion framework offer an embedded solution optimized for mobile device constraints, with indoor position accuracy to the meter.

To demonstrate its pedestrian navigation capabilities, Movea collaborated with the SNCF, France’s national railway company, as well as leading platform service provider SK planet, a wholly owned subsidiary of SK telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile network operator, to test its indoor navigation solution in the real world. In two separate demos, one held at the Paris-Gare de Lyon in France with SCNF and the other at the Seoul National University Station in Seoul, Republic of Korea, users successfully navigated through two busy train stations that serve thousands of commuters on a daily basis. Movea relied solely on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone’s built-in sensors to effectively guide users from one location to another, through labyrinthine indoor passages and corridors and up and down elevators and escalators. Check out this video to see the technology in action.

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