Cypress’ solar-powered IoT kit with BLE – in distribution

September 30, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Mouser Electronics has the S6SAE101A solar-powered Internet of Things (IoT) device kit from Cypress Semiconductor. The kit provides an easy-to-use platform for the development of a solar-powered IoT device with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless connectivity.

The kit includes a motherboard that contains the S6AE101A Energy Harvesting Power Management IC (PMIC) device, which consumes just 250 nA and requires startup power of 1.2 µW — claimed to be one-quarter that the nearest competitor — suiting it for solar- or light-powered energy harvesting systems. The output voltage from the S6AE101A is configurable from 1.1V to 5.2V, supporting a broad range of device components for an IoT device. The motherboard also contains a Cypress EZ-BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip (PRoC) module — a fully integrated BLE module solution — as well as a USB serial converter IC, a temperature and humidity sensor, a diode bridge for vibration energy harvesting, and expansion headers for additional interface options (for example, I/O, UART, I ²C).

The S6SAE101A kit also contains a solar module, USB-A-to-Mini-B cable, accessory components, and a BLE-USB Bridge that supports BLE communication with a PC and is pre-programmed with custom firmware to demonstrate the features of the kit. The S6SAE101A solar-powered IoT device kit is suitable for battery-less Wireless Sensor Nodes (WSNs) that monitor physical and environmental conditions for smart homes, commercial buildings, factories, infrastructure, and agriculture.