Cross-platform UI development software hits ½-million downloads; Roadshows announced

February 07, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Digia has seen more that 500,000 downloads of version 5.2 of its Qt cross-platform application and user interface (UI) development framework in mid-December 2013. The rate of uptake exceeds all previous Qt introductions and underlines Digia’s assertion that the framework is a significant player for mobile app development as well as for desktop and embedded platforms. Qt 5.2 extended full support to Android and iOS in addition to 12 other operating systems.

Digia adds that, “Android and iOS developers are experiencing the same “buzz” [as prior users] about what Qt can do for them. This has driven the average download rate beyond 10,000 per day and positions Qt to become a major player in mobile and tablet app development. This tremendous uptake of Qt in 2013 and the release of Qt 5.2 has clearly solidified our developer community, which is now larger than ever.”

Qt (say; “cute”) 5.2’s support for a range of desktop, mobile and embedded operating system platforms, together with its enhanced core performance and functionality, make it the only cross-platform development framework to enable intuitive and highly performing platform-independent software applications no matter the target device or screen size, Digia asserts

Digia is hosting a series of roadshows for developers of mobile apps, that starts in Europe in the UK and Germany in March. For details of the Qt Mobile Roadshows and to register, visit