Computer-on-Module hosts NXP’s QorlQ LS1012A processor (Layerscape)

January 27, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Manhattan Skyline has the efusA53LS, a compact and inexpensive module in efus form factor. Along with the attribute of an easy baseboard (EasyLayout), the efus formathas a size of only 47 x 62mm and is suitable for compact housings.

With a low power draw of 2W, the module, from FS Embedded offers a feature set including;

- NXP QorlQ LS1012A ( Layerscape ) Processor with Cortex -A53 core clocked at 800 MHz

- 64 MB QSPI NOR Flash, 512 MB DDR3 DRAM

- 2 x Ethernet , 1 x USB , 1 x UART

- Interfaces; 1 x CAN (OPT), 1 x SDIO , 1 x SATA , 1 x PCIe

- Wireless; WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0

Starter kits with base board , cable kit and access to data for download are available for quick evaluation and development. The customised LINUX supports all interfaces enabling an easy software development, for example with Buildroot / Yocto.

Target applications include; trust enabled IoT gateways; mobile NAS (battery powered); Ethernet drives for datacentre storage; entry level broadband Ethernet gateways; building and factory automation; controlling unit with field buses; and printer control.


Manhattan Skyline;