Compact 10-kW power supplies offers extended choice of input voltage from 100-V to 100-kV

November 16, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
HiTek Power is building on the company's single-unit 10kW high voltage power supplies, in both single and dual output configurations, by adding 22 new models to give a greater choice of input voltage.

The standard input voltage of the Series OLS10K (single output configuration) and Series OLS10KD (dual output configuration) is 208 VAC; the new Series OLS10KC and OLS10KDC model variants offer 380 VAC input voltage.

Designed for use in a wide range of ion and electron beam systems and other applications, the Series OLS10KC and Series OLS10KDC supplies are housed in a single 6U 19 inch rack-mounted chassis. The reduction in size has mainly been achieved in the high-voltage part of the system, by the use of an air-insulated stack. HiTek Power has invested in sophisticated analysis tools and designed a proprietary high voltage sleeve using reaction injection moulding (RIM) equipment.

The Series OLS10KC and OLS10KDC offer performance benefits in the most severe of electrical environments.

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