Comms-oriented FPGAs come with rapid prototyping kit

November 02, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Lattice Semiconductor has configured a promotional Development Kit, Software and IP Suite to build connectivity designs, based on its ECP5-5G FPGAs, for communications and industrial markets

The low cost ECP5-5G Versa development kit for rapid prototyping of 5G SERDES applications includes a connectivity IP suite with optimized IP cores; it is available for $99 for a limited time, the offer including development kit, IP suite and Lattice Diamond software. ECP5-5G-based IP enables seamless connectivity to ASICs and ASSPs in a wide array of applications including small cells, low-end routers, backhaul, low-power radios, cameras, machine vision and gaming platforms.


Lattice’s ECP5-5G family has been optimized to provide the lowest cost, power consumption, and form factor solution for 5G SERDES applications. These devices support multiple 5G SERDES protocols including Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Express 2.0, Common Public Radio Interference (CPRI) and the JESD204B serial interface. The ECP5-5G Versa development kit enables users to evaluate key connectivity features of the device family including PCI Express Gen 2.0 support.


The Connectivity IP suite includes a portfolio of commonly used interface IP cores such as PCI Express, CPRI, JESD204B, Ethernet MAC, and DDR3 controllers. Lattice’s Diamond design software now supports general availability of ECP5-5G device family.


Lattice Semiconductor;