Collaborative code development controlled by versioning software

June 12, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Perforce Software has released version 2013.1 of its Software Version Management system, featuring enhancements to support globally distributed teams and scalable Agile development practices.

The 2013.1 release focuses on two critical areas for software developers; codeline task management for greater workflow flexibility, and advanced replication to support distributed teams. Advanced replication options in Perforce 2013.1 provide enhanced support, out of the box, for highly distributed teams to control exactly what is replicated in each location. Every team gets high performance access to exactly what they need, when they need it. Perforce replication options are also tuned for high-performance build, test and release environments, enabling organisations to reach their goals for continuous delivery.

Task Streams offer flexibility for managing tasks in progress. Task streams can also be archived upon completion of the task to de-clutter the stream graph. Along with task streams, shelving provides a flexible way to work on, review and promote shelved changes with quick approval. Shelves can be submitted directly or un-shelved to another branch. This new release also includes various administration improvements, which allow users to fine-tune their site maintenance and configurations using command and proxy diagnostics, as well as properties for site-wide configuration, including support for IPv6. The 2013.1 Perforce Server and compatible clients are now available and can be downloaded for evaluation at no cost. All Perforce products are provided free of charge for up to 20 users. Perforce is also free to all educational institutions and for open source projects.