Cirrus Logic’s single-stage LED drivers now from Digi-Key

May 03, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Digi-Key has added single stage LED drivers from Cirrus Logic to its catalogue; the innovative CS615/16 product line recreates the dimming performance consumers expect from incandescent light bulbs.

Through patented digital algorithms, the CS1615/16 claims performance exceeding competing single-stage LED drivers in dimmer compatibility, while offering a total bill-of-material cost equal to competing solutions. Across a broad range of dimmers, the CS1615/16 consistently dims to nearly zero light output, which closely matches the dimming performance of incandescent light bulbs, Cirrus says, adding that other LED drivers are not capable of this level of deep dimming and in many cases cannot dim to below 50% of light output. Limited dimming range, flicker effects and the inability to turn the bulb on or off are the most common factors that lead to high rates of return of LED bulbs.

“We’re seeing significant growth opportunities in the lighting market,” said Mark Zack, Vice President, Global Semiconductor Product at Digi-Key. “Cirrus Logic’s new single-stage LED drivers are a great addition to our product line as we continue to seek out the newest innovations in lighting technology.”

“The CS1615/16 family continues our strategy of offering best-in-class dimmer compatibility while driving down system costs,” said Tom Stein, Vice President and General Manager of the Cirrus Logic’s Energy Division. “This focus on performance and user experience will be a key driver to broad consumer adoption of LED lighting.”

To test dimmer compatibility, Cirrus Logic developed a testing methodology that scores LED bulbs on multiple factors including flicker-free operation (bulb does not flicker at any point along the full dimming range), smooth “monotonic” dimming (bulb dims steadily without sudden “jumps” or drops in light levels) and full dimming range operation (bulb dims effectively from maximum to very low light output). Cirrus Logic acquired more than 300 dimmers consisting of some of the most popular models on the market today and representing much of the global installed base. In these tests, the CS1615/16 outperformed its competitors in both single- and multi-lamp configurations.

Most dimmers are designed for operation with the purely resistive load of an incandescent; however,