Barco Silex takes public-key cryptography to IoT with new IP core

November 20, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Barco Silex has launched a new IP core for public-key cryptography, capable of performing an ECDSA-P256 verify operation in less than 150 µs, even on an FPGA.

Designed to be scalable and to support all major algorithms, the core can implement public-key cryptography in hardware, as part of a security coprocessor to the application's ASIC or FPGA.

The BA414EP IP was designed with the IoT market in mind, where secure, fast, and dependable connections are crucial. It can be scaled to offer the best mix of area/performance/power possible, including solutions for systems that require a very low gate count or an extremely high performance.

It includes a wide range of algorithms and solutions such as RSA, ECC with NIST/other curves (Brainpool, Apple Home Kit...) and other protocols. The IP will offload 100% of the cryptographic operations from a processor, freeing the application to do what it was designed for. The company has also added a unique software wrapper for easy install and configuration.

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