ARM-core-based, SiP for precision sensing in portable medical devices

September 16, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
A semi-customisable, power efficient system-in-package (SiP) solution enables miniature sensing systems for mHealth applications including glucose monitors heart rate monitors, and electrocardiogram analysers

ON Semiconductor created the Struix stacked-dice, system-in-package format to meet product development demands in the portable medical market; the semi-customisable SiP is aimed at precision sensing and monitoring in a variety of mobile medical electronics including glucose monitors, heart rate monitors and electrocardiogram analysers.

Struix (“stacked”) uses advanced die-on-die technology to integrate a custom-designed analogue front-end (AFE) on top of an industry-leading 32-bit ASSP microcontroller (ULPMC10), to form a complete miniature system. By using standard and customisable components, Struix offers medical device manufacturers the design flexibility required to create unique medical sensor interface applications while improving time-to-market and cost-effectiveness.

“Advanced stacking technology enables Struix to achieve greater system integration and occupy less board space in medical devices than standalone solutions,” according to Michel De Mey, senior director of consumer health solutions at ON Semiconductor. “ [it] reduces design time, development risks and the costs associated with fully customised solutions... the ULPMC10 microcontroller can be easily updated with future MCUs, without replacing the AFE, which is subject to FDA re-certification [for medical applications].”

The ULPMC10 microcontroller