ARM-based, multi-protocol SoC targets smart, secure homes apps

January 04, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Qorvo (Greensboro, North Carolina), from its RF product line, has a complete system on chip (SoC) for smart home devices that delivers multi-protocol support with best-in-class power consumption. The new platform, Qorvo asserts, helps mitigate uncertainty surrounding future IoT standards. The company is also offer free-download ebooks on the subject.

From the product line that was previously Greenpeak Technologies (acquired by Qorvo) the GP695 SoC integrates multiple communication protocols, including IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee 3.0, Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for sensors and actuators and smart home networking ...while optimizing energy efficiency and extending battery life. It is based on an ARM Cortex-M4 core.


Supporting these different connectivity options allows for a single development platform and a single SKU, independent of the communication protocol used. With this, BLE-based smart phone connectivity for proximity-based services can combine with Thread or ZigBee 3.0 for smart home services.


For example, homeowners can use their mobile phones to connect a GP695-equipped door lock to a ZigBee smart home system using the phone's BLE protocol. The door lock then can be opened or closed from the mobile phone over BLE. To go a step further, this intelligent system can automatically lock the door over ZigBee when it detects that no one is in the home.


The GP695 complements the multi-protocol GP712, for use with smart home gateways. The GP712 was introduced in 2016 by GreenPeak Technologies - now the Qorvo Wireless Connectivity business. The 695 features Qorvo’s Wi-Fi interference mitigation technology and has an extended range that covers the entire home.


Cees Links, general manager of the Wireless Connectivity business unit, said, "Qorvo now offers power-efficient, multi-protocol solutions for both gateway and sensor devices in the smart home network. By using these cost-effective chipsets, designers can let consumers control their smart homes without worrying about evolving IoT standards."


More information about the IoT is available by downloading the newest Qorvo free e-book series, "Internet of Things For Dummies." (pictured) The two-volume series is designed to help technical and non-technical professionals understand the intricacies of the IoT. The e-books are available at: