Any PCB edge connector you’ll need, specialist offers

February 17, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Connector supplier EDAC claims to have the widest-available range of card edge connectors; its cardEDGE+ connector portfolio now includes 8,000 standard styles and 435,000 customised variations.

cardEDGE+ connectors offer a choice of 2 to 188 contacts in single and dual rows, with contact spacing spanning 1.27 mm through to 5.08 mm. Version are available with or without card guides. cardEDGE+ connectors tolerate operating temperatures from -65C to 105C and require an insertion force of 4.45N, which ensures high contact reliability and connection retention. Contact resistance is as low as 10 mΩ.

The cardEDGE+ connector range also offers specialised contact options, including PCB through-hole, wirewrap, solder eyelet and extender board tail - and to meet customer-specific interconnect design requirements - and includes devices with extra row spacing, multiple PCB footprints, polarising options, extra mountings, additional high temperature insulators, multiple insulator colour& dimension options and extra contact plating.

The supplier adds that the variety of cardEDGE+ and cardEDGE+ Press Fit products enable electronics designers to include more options in an interconnect model tailored for specific interconnect requirements, and to affordably include differentiating features in space constrained layouts.