960GB SSDs in 2.5” standard form-factor

December 05, 2014 // By Julien Happich
Toshiba Electronics Europe has released two new enterprise solid state drives (eSSDs) series – the HK3E2 for value-endurance workloads and the HK3R2 drive for read intensive workloads.

These 6Gbit/s SATA Enterprise SSDs join the company's broad portfolio of enterprise storage solutions featuring a variety of endurance ratings to meet the needs of specific application requirements and customer environments.

Available in capacities up to 800GB in a 2.5-inch standard form-factor (7mm thick), the HK3E2 is designed for mainstream enterprise applications such as exchange mail servers, web servers, database servers, indexing servers, and data centre storage workloads. The HK3E2 Series has a three drive writes per day (DWPD) endurance specification for five years, with random 4KiB enterprise workload.

The read intensive HK3R2 series is available in capacities up to 960GB in a 2.5” standard form-factor and is designed for read intensive applications and workloads such as read caching, video streaming and data centre storage. The HK3R2 has an endurance rating of one DWPD for five years with a random 4KiB enterprise workload. Both units are equipped with power loss and end-to-end data protection features with a common controller and mechanical design. Additionally, both the HK3R2 Series and the HK3E2 Series incorporate Toshiba’s proprietary QSBC (Quadruple Swing-By Code) error-correction technology, a highly efficient error correction code (ECC), which helps protect customer data from corruption caused by NAND flash memory media wear, thus improving reliability and extending the life of Toshiba SSDs. The series also feature both a Toshiba-designed SATA SSD controller and Toshiba 19nm second-generation MLC NAND flash memory.

Visit Toshiba Electronics Europe at www.storage.toshiba.eu