500W psu in 4 x 6-in. footprint for medical, industrial apps

December 03, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
XP Power’s GSP500 series of highly efficient 500W AC-DC power supplies in the standard 4 x 6 in. footprint are single-output forced air cooled units that can continuously deliver full output power across -40 to +50C and up to +70C with derating.

With its high efficiency design and an almost entirely flat efficiency curve over the whole load range the supply requires 12 cfm of forced air cooling. The GSP500 can also provide an output power of up to 180W with convection cooling only.

Measuring 101.6 x 152.4 x 42.4 mm and packaged in a U channel chassis mount format, the GSP500 series is available in three single output models providing the nominal outputs of +12, + 24 or + 48 VDC. A +12 VDC / 0.3 A fan output is also provided. An integral end-mounted fan option (-EF) is available to order. Incorporating two 3-speed fans, the fan speed is determined by a combination of internal ambient temperature, input voltage and output load, and ensures acoustic noise is always kept to a minimum. In addition, the unit is designed so the fans will shut down under all input conditions where the load is minimal. This approach helps prolong fan life and also suits medical applications where the end-equipment is located close to patients.

The series conforms to the ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 medical 3rd edition safety standard and also complies with the internationally recognised IEC/UL/EN60950-1 safety standard for IT equipment. Protection features and control signals include power fail, inhibit, output good LED and remote sense. A +12 VDC fan supply is available on the U-channel version and a +5 VDC / 2 A always-on output is available to supply logic circuits. With convection cooling the standby output is still available and rated at 5W. The GSP500 has a peak power capability that can deliver up to 650W for a maximum of 100 msec.

XP Power; www.xppower.com/