40 Gbps connector system comes with pin-map generator tool

July 22, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Molex’ Impel is a high-speed, high-performance backplane connector system that combines signal integrity and density with a scalable price and performance path for future data-rate enhancements.

The Impel backplane connector system is available for use with Molex's Backplane Pin Map Configurator. This future-proof connector solution provides equipment manufacturers with the ability to have systems operate at today’s data-rates and costs, while providing a migration path for enhancements in the same chassis through Impel daughtercard options.

The connector system delivers cross-talk and high density performance with data rates up to 40 Gbps for next-generation backplane interconnect solutions. Because it meets all critical architectural needs, including conventional, co-planar, orthogonal midplane and orthogonal direct, it is suitable for telecommunications and data networking applications.

The Impel conventional connector orientation, with a right angle daughtercard mating to a vertical header, provides 2 to 6 pair options to support price and performance. The 1.90-mm conventional solution supports 80 differential pairs per linear inch and the 3.00-mm conventional solution enables quad-route capabilities and a lower PCB layer count. In these same configurations, the Impel connector system enables co-planar solutions, which support right angle daughtercard mating to right angle headers for added system scalability. The Impel backplane connector solutions for orthogonal architectures allow for 3 to 6 pair configurations, scaling from 18 to 72 differential pairs per node. Featuring a third generation design, the Impel connector system also provides direct connection of PCBs in an orthogonal orientation to shorten system channel lengths, improve signal integrity channel performance, support open air-flow design and reduce applied cost.

“With many of our customers designing new multi-generation system architectures that include multiple data rate increases over time, our goal was to develop a highly flexible, high-performance connector solution,” said Zach Bradford, new product development manager, Molex. “The Impel connector system provides the footprint and interface that allows users to migrate to faster data rates more easily and cost-effectively, without having to completely redesign their architecture or replace existing data centre hardware.”

To help designers narrow down the exact products they need, Molex offers a Backplane Pin Map Configurator.