4-channel digital scopes match 2-ch prices in budget 70 to 100MHz sector

September 27, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Rigol Technologies’s DS1000Z series are 4-channel digital oscilloscopes that feature comprehensive trigger functions, advanced hardware-based real time waveform record-replay (as an option) as well as search and analysis functions.

The unit’s analogue front end delivers a 1 mV/div to 10 V/div vertical range with full 70 to 100 MHz bandwidth. Rigol’s "UltraVision" technology supports up to 1 Gsamples/sec of sample rate and up to 12 Mpts of memory depth, which makes it easy to capture long time signals with higher timing resolution. Waveform capture rate is up to 30,000 wfms/sec. The display offers 256 levels of intensity grading to see infrequent events quickly; the optional hardware-based real time waveform record as well as the replay and analysis function are powerful debug tools to find anomalies easily. Up to 16 trigger functions are available, including Runt, Setuphold, Windows, Nth Edge, (option). The digital oscilloscopes feature serial bus trigger and decodes such as I 2C, SPI, RS232, (optional) as well as advanced math functions.

The thin and lightweight instruments are equipped with a 7-in. colour display, sell for a starting price of €450.

Rigol Technologies; www.rigol.com