3D antennas use integrated SMT components for optimised PCB footprint

September 27, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Pulse Electronics announced it has the in-house capability to integrate passive surface mount technology (SMT) components on 3D laser direct structuring (LDS) antennas.

Incorporating SMT components with the 3D LDS antenna structure saves space on the mobile device's printed circuit board and optimises the use of available space on the antenna. The antenna can be matched and tested as one RF unit prior to phone assembly and frequency variants, tuning, and late optimisation changes can be done quickly and cost effectively. This avoids costly rework or rebuild of the mobile device's main PCB and improves time-to-market. These high-performance RF antennas are designed through direct laser structuring onto a moulded 3D surface.

Pulse Electronics;  www.pulseelectronics.com