25V and 30V power MOSFETs drive efficiency and power density

March 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon’s OptiMOS 5 25V and 30V product family is its next generation of Power MOSFETs in standard discrete packages; the same introduction also features a new class of power stages named Power Block, and in an integrated power stage, DrMOS 5x5.

Together with Infineon’s driver and digital controller products the company can configure full system solutions for applications such as server, client, datacom or telecom.

OptiMOS 25V and 30V offers system efficiency improvements of around 1% across the whole load range compared to its previous generation, exceeding 95% peak efficiency in a typical server voltage regulator design. This improved performance is based for example on the reduction of switching losses (Q switch) by 50% compared to the previous OptiMOS technology.

The launch of the OptiMOS 25V and 30V product family is accompanied by the introduction of a new packaging technology offering a further reduction in PCB area consumption. It is used in the Power Block product family and in the integrated powerstage DrMOS 5x5 and offers a source-down low-side MOSFET for improved thermal performance, with a reduction by 50% of the thermal resistance in comparison to standard package solution, such as SuperSO8.

Infineon`s Power Block is a leadless SMD package comprising the low-side and high-side MOSFET of a synchronous DC/DC converter into a 5.0 x 6.0 mm package outline. With Power Block, designers can shrink footprints up to 85% by replacing two separate discrete packages, such as SuperSO8 or SO-8. Both, the small package outline and the interconnection of the two MOSFETs within the package minimise the loop inductance for best system performance.

OptiMOS 5 25V is also used in an integrated power stage, combining DrMOS 5x5, driver and two MOSFETs, for a total area consumption on the PCB equal to 25mm². The integrated driver plus MOSFETs solution results in a shorter design time and is easy to design-in. The dovetailed power stage includes a high accurate temperature sense of ±5°C (compared to ±10°C of an external one) which enables higher system reliability and performance.

Samples of the new OptiMOS 25V and 30V devices in SuperSO8, S3O8 and Power Block packages, with on-state resistances from 0.9 mΩ to 3.3