16-bit flash MCU draws 4 µA, drives 1344-dot matrix display

October 28, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Seiko Epson has developed a 16-bit flash microcontroller capable of driving 1344-dot matrix high-resolution displays; the S1C17W23 draws only 4 µA in 32-kHz run mode.

The S1C17W23 features a 1344-dot matrix LCD driver and has a built-in 96 kB flash ROM to store display data. It can operate at 1.2V and has an integrated hardware Real-Time Clock (RTC) to reduce software and hardware development. Epson's microcontroller onsumes only 70-80% of the power used by previous configurations, making the S1C17W23 suitable for applications that run on small coin cell batteries.
The chip offers system power efficiency-boosting algorithms and more power modes than previous configurations. Standby energy consumption is 0.15 µA at 3V. The IC also only draws 0.3 µA in 32 kHz halt mode and 4 µA in 32 kHz run mode (250 µA in 1MHz run mode).

Epson Europe Electronics;  www.epson-electronics.de