10x10x2mm piezo-actuator chip delivers up to 2000N with a displacement of 2.2um

December 12, 2012 // By Julien Happich
PI Ceramic now manufactures the PICMA chip actuators measuring 10x10x2mm and capable of delivering forces up to 2000N with a displacement of 2.2µm.

These chip actuators are manufactured with multilayer technology and have an all-ceramic encapsulation. 100mm PTFE-insulated wire leads are already mounted to the actuator.
The miniature piezo actuators have settling times of only a few microseconds and a resolution in the sub-nanometer range. Accordingly, they are optimally suited for dynamic applications and for the use in micro-dosing, life science, laser tuning and adaptive optics. Upon request, the PICMA chip actuators can be manufactured with ceramic-insulated inner hole or with precision-ground ceramic end plates.

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