1080p video development kit for connected-devices

October 16, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
This integrated Video Development solution delivers low power 30 fps intelligent streaming over Wi-Fi and Ethernet; ON Semiconductor’s MatrixCam video development kit (VDK) has been developed specifically to enable greater video adoption within Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Applications include home automation systems, building access devices, baby monitors, advanced lighting controls and smart appliances. MatrixCam video development kit hardware and software design documents are available for download from ON Semiconductor and its partners’ portal.

The MatrixCam VDK offers smart streaming capability, with wake-up being initiated by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or through the motion-detecting integrated passive infrared sensor. Upon wake-up, a push notification is sent to an assigned portable electronic device (smartphone, tablet computer, etc.) alerting the user that a live stream (or a still image) should be viewed. It can connect to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, with support for both video-on-demand and live streaming. The VDK can be configured via a simple web-based Graphical User Interface, or using a dedicated mobile application.

Connectivity options are built into the MatrixCam platform - including Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), Ethernet (10/100 megabit/second) and BLE. It features the company’s AR023Z 1/3-inch format CMOS image sensor which has a 1928 (V) x1088 (H) resolution active-pixel array that provides industry-leading low light performance.

Available from www.onsemi.com/matrixcam, prototype units are priced at $400 per unit.

ON Semiconductor; www.onsemi.com